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Brief on LPW Initiative Group on Supporting Women Entrepreneurship in Ukraine (LPW IG SWE)


The issue of women economic empowerment should be taken into account when considering plans and concepts of social & economic development, including policies to support of women-led SMEs. According to the European regional Womens Economic Opportunity Indexsurvey conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit, Ukraine was ranked 31rd (out of 34 countries) and placed between Albania andSerbia.

High-motivated and entrepreneurial women are not too much involved in business activities in country. So, LPW launched the Initiative Group on Supporting Women Entrepreneurship (LPW IG SWE) in Ukraine http://lpw.org.ua/en/ announces/?pid=622. In January, 2013. Facebook platform forLPW IG SWE - WE group was created in the summer 2013.

LPW IG SWE Key Activities of the first phase of 2013-2914

Established contacts with local, international organizations and donors; Dissemination of information about this initiative through interested parties (a) civil society sector, b) corporate sector, c) women-entrepreneurs, mainly SMEs in Ukraine, d)interested government bodies and international organizations); Seeking financial sources and human resources (communication & fundraising officers as Pro Bon ) for these activities. Examples you can read at full Brief.

Photo1: After the Parliament Hearing in the lobby

Photo2: Speech of Dr. Olena Lazorenko at Women in Business of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv (16.10.13)

Photo3: LPW Annual Meeting on Inspiring Women: equality for Entrepreneurship and Public Sphere in Ukraine in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week http://lpw.org.ua/en/reports/11_2013/

Aprils`s 2013  LPW IG SWE Networking

http://lpw.org.ua/ua/news/?pid=631 & http://lpw.org.ua/en/news/?pid=631  (WE,EBRD)
http://lpw.org.ua/ua/news/?pid=630 & http://lpw.org.ua/en/news/?pid=630  (Holland Days)
http://lpw.org.ua/ua/news/?pid=629 & http://lpw.org.ua/en/news/?pid=629 (WE Forum, Kyiv)

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