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Creative social actions (CSA)

Creative social actions: definition and implementation in Ukraine

Ukrainian researcher and the president of NGO "League of Professional Women"(LPW) PhD Olena Lazorenko proposed the concept “Creative social action” (CSA) and give the examples of its implementation in Ukrainian context.

LPW delivered the academic concept on CSA in a practical way in Chernigiv, Uman and Kyiv in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 with partnership of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine, SUN InBev Ukraine, Corporate Fund ‘Chernigiv HimVolokno”, Sofiyivsky Park, Uman National University of Horticulture, Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, KPMG Ukraine, ICC Ltd., METRO Ukraine, Microsoft Ukraine and Kalyta Art Club. Here we are publishing the short extract of the article and you can read the whole research by link below.

What is Creative Social Action?

“Creative social action” (CSA) is interpreted here as access to Culture-Lifelong Learning-Networking with focus on the target group(s) of the event within a specified and limited time. CSA concept distinguishes between three core spheres: culture, including the cultural and creative industries, lifelong learning (with focus on non-formal and informal adult learning) and networking. 

The term CSA consists of such components:

Cultural industries are those industries producing and distributing goods or services which, at the time they are developed, are considered to have a specific attribute, use or purpose which embody or convey cultural expressions, irrespective of the commercial value they may have.

Lifelong learning is all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills/competences and/or qualifications for personal, social and/or professional reasons (Cedefop, 2003). Cedefop distinguishes between three types of learning – formal, non-formal and informal. The creative social action conduct in form of non-formal or informal learning for adults. The learning techniques during these actions there are storytelling, visualization in forms of presentation, observing, performance etc.

Networking is process of interact with others to exchange information and develop contacts for professional or social purposes. There are many networking`s techniques, which assist CSA`s facilitator(s) help participants to connect with others at this kind of events as creative social actions. Creative social action can be focused on different target groups, for example, professional & businesswomen, civil society leaders, managers of arts, cultural workers, academia, marginal groups representatives, etc. and actors (such as NGOs, commercial organization, public officials, think-tanks, culture organizations and so on).

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Photo credit by Ukrainian NGO "League of Professional Women"

2009 LPW Creative Social Action (CSA) in format “Creative Green Tour to the City of Chernigov”

Cultural component of the 2009 CSA included but was not limited to the city tour conducted by a passionate guide. CSA participants visited Historic museum, Spaaskiy and Borisoglebskiy cathedrals, Regiment registry; we also saw the guns of 17-18 centuries, old burial mounds, Kransniy Bridge, the Church of Mikhail and Fedor, Chernaja grave, Central square and Antonijevy caves.

Thanks to Vadim Antoshin, head of Chernigov city utility agency, had a chance participants to listen to a singing fountain.

SUN InBev Ukraine Organization culture had observed through a short tour by local brewery and sampled beers made by the Company in Chernigov.

2011 LPW Creative Social Action in format “Fruit Tour Kyiv-Uman-Kyiv”

2013 LPW Creative Social Action in format a peer learning and culture workshop on “Women Who Inspire” (Kyiv)

2015 Creative Social Action Devoted to Trends in Business and Adult Learning (Kyiv)

More by link:

2015 LPW Creative Social Action`s Video

First publication of online brief note from English-language article of Dr. Olena Lazorenko on the subject of culture, creative economy and its learning & social outcomes conducted by EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme. (assess at 30.01.2018)


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