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Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC): New Contacts & Ideas


On April 2018 in Istanbul, the 10th Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) took place, with participation of 2.452 delegates from 71 countries.


GEC is organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network (hereinafter referred to as the GEN), which has about 2 million participants from all over the world.

It was the first GEC with participation of a representative of Ukrainian NGO “League of Professional Women” (LPW), which in 2013 organized in partnership a special action in the GEN format, named “Women Who Influence: Equal Opportunities for Entrepreneurship and Civil Sphere” in Kyiv, Ukraine during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Look the report from this event here.

During the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network's (GERN) round table in Istanbul, Dr. Olena Lazorenko, as a researcher and civil activist, presented her research output and impact on inclusive business models (funded by UNDP –Bratislava & UNDP-NY in 2009). In summary, "development and promotion of company`s case study with its inclusive business model in the global environment had a positive impact on attracting international investment funds for Ukrainian company. This was US fund as portfolio investment and this case study was used as non-financial report concern this Ukrainian company”. You can read this case study, written by Olena Lazorenko and published UNDP in New York, USA & Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010 by the link Vitmark – High-Quality and Affordable Fruit. Products from Local Producers

In additional, Olena took part in panel discussion on Women Driven Opportunities which moderated by Selin OZ from Garanti Bank.

Olena Lazorenko presented a new virtual Women Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community by LPW in Ukraine (see overview of idea here), her viewed and vision on ideal ecosystem of women entrepreneurship development, shared her experience as a mentee of the 2006 Fortune/State Department Women Mentorship Program conducted by Vital Voices International in the USA.

Besides speaking at GEC`s events, the this international event had possibility to networking with representatives of the GEN, delegates from Turkey, the United States, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, the countries of the European Union in friendly and openly atmosphere.

It is important as well that on a case of participating at the GEC, the LPW members from entrepreneurship field got new possibilities of development. By example, Alice and GEN announced a “Pitch with Purpose” competition for Startups, who has social impact. Applicants to Pitch with Purpose can submit their entries online here. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2018, and finalists will be announced in mid-September. 

“By the way, the LPW is considering joining to Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), held by the GEN in November this year. Perhaps we will register on GEN`s global site our event in Kyiv, which will be associated with women's entrepreneurship, but we are currently looking for partners and sponsors,” Dr. Lazorenko says.

The GEC in Istanbul put a new energy into the LPW activities, its Women Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community (Community). As the LPW President says, the virtual Community is to be ready in summer, now we are forming the vendors` pull (those who has what to propose for entrepreneurship / businesses) and the experts pull (those who generate and purchase intellectual products, such as ideas, theories, and cultural forms, able to influence businesses). For those who would like to join the Community, please, use this application form in Ukrainian.

As noted in GEC, the role of women is growing, they are involved in the processes of economic and social development, took part in leadership and activities of civil society both in their countries and in the international arena. In Ukraine, despite the current slump in reforms, military actions in the east Ukraine, gender stereotypes, and women are increasingly taking part in business\ entrepreneurship, in the development of democracy in the country.


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