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Main pageAnnouncesUkrainian Political Uzvar about Future of Ukraine and the Way Forward \ :

Ukrainian Political Uzvar about Future of Ukraine and the Way Forward \ :

Date 22 of June 2017

Time 16:00 18:00

Format: Panel discussion, follow up with reception with pie and uzvar (uzvar is Ukrainian drink in national style)

Organizer: NGO League of Professional Woman (LPW) in memory of the Head LPW Consulting Group (1998-2012) Professor Olena Lazorenko Senior. 1996 Kennan Institute Alumna. Her profile in Wiki  

Host organization: America House (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Language: Ukrainian

Moderator: Olena Lazorenko- Junior (1996 CI & 2006 Fortune\State Department Women Mentorship Program Alumna)

Experts: Oksana Melnichuk, Anton Finko, Valentina Legka, Nina Chala

The tasks of the Panel Discussion are aware of the 2030 Agenda and to raise their sensitivity for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ) in Ukraine and discuss LPW activities concern localization of the  SDGs #4, 5 & 8 by UNDP and Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine ; present the Economic Strategy 2030: Ukraine 2030 Agenda developed by leading five Ukrainian Universities, MPs (politics) and Ukrainian Business Initiative (launched in May 2017 in Kyiv); and  discuss the policy scenario of future Ukrainian political development.

Who should attend? 

Masters and PhD students,
NGOs leaders,
Anyone interested in this topic.

Registration: on-line form https://goo.gl/forms/qStREu97J6Ao8vk23  until 19 of June.

FB Announcement: group Women Entrepreneurship (WE) https://www.facebook.com/groups/189478497881158/


More Uzvar`s information and BIO of the experts see at Ukrainian part of the web.

Useful links about LPW:
2030 Agenda & LPW http://lpw.org.ua/en/news/?pid=667

Monograph on Political Theory in Ukrainian https://nas.academia.edu/OlenaLazorenko

Abstract in English of the Book: Olena Lazorenko. Social Capital: Social and Professional Networks in Ukraine" (full publication in Ukrainian) you can see by link https://www.academia.edu/33040465/Olena_Lazorenko._Abstract_of_the_Book_Social_Capital_Social_and_Professional_Networks_in_Ukraine_

First Ukrainian Political Uzvar in 2015 Web http://lpw.org.ua/ua/announces/?pid=650  \

FB  https://www.facebook.com/events/855207747874023/

More about LPW` activities: http://lpw.org.ua/ua/reports/   (in Ukrainian)


https://www.unglobalcompact.org/admin/organizations/16742/communication_on_progresses/184241  & http://lpw.org.ua/files//content/COE_LPWUkraine2015_Oct.pdf


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