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Research paper publication on women`s and gender issues

Lazorenko, Olena (2014). Women`s SMEs in Different National Contexts // Innovative SMEs by Gender and Age Around the Mare Balticum, Hansea Parliament & the Baltic Sea Academy, Hamburg
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Lazorenko, Olena (2006). Female Political Visibility in Ukraine: What is Prevent Political Professional Career Development: Abstract //Conference presiding Women in Politics: international experience for Ukraine – Kyiv, 7 October 2005.
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Лазоренко Олена (2006). Жіноча присутність в українській політиці : що заважає політичній професійній кар`єрі // Матеріали міжнародної конференції «Жінки в політиці - міжнародний досвід для України» - 7.10.2005. – Київ, с. 156-175.
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Лазоренко О. Аналітична записка «Пропозиції до Проекту Закону України «Про Загальнодержавну програму розвитку малого і середнього підприємництва на 2014-2024 роки» до Державної служби України з питань регуляторноїполітики та розвитку підприємництва - 25 Вересень 2013

Лазоренко О. Виступ та рекомендації до Парламентських Слухань "Забезпечення рівних прав та можливостей жінок та чоловіків. Проблеми та дієвий шлях їх вирішення" від 16 жовтня 2013 року, Верховна Рада України

Елена Лазоренко. Отчет "Анализ потребностей в обучении представительниц сектора малого и среднего предпринимательства (МСП) в Украине"- Киев, 2012 (по заказу IFC)

Lazorenko, Olena. What is biggest challenge for a Ukrainian women to build career&- Kyiv post- Vol.15, issues 10 – March 5, 2010


Women`s Right Defender Advocacy in National & Global levels: Overview 2019. E-News from LPW President Desk

League of Professional Women (LPW) from Ukraine is active member of the Women`s Major Group (WMG) in global and regional (Europe\UNICE levels). WMG is facilitate women’s civil society perspectives, active participation and information sharing within the policy space and processes of the United Nations related to sustainable development.
LPW Thematic Report on SDG4- Education 2030. Input to HLPF 2019:Ukraine

In the last days of May 2019 Ukrainian NGO "League of Professional Women" (LPW) share with UN officials and other interested parties our input to the 2019 High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF) under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
Women have united their efforts for the professional development in science, education, business and community activities

On March 10 in the city park of Kyiv, the project leader and five mentors shared their experience with five mentees from Kyiv and Luhansk region of Ukraine within the implementation of the first stage of the pilot project ICSW Local Ukraine: Women's Mentoring Walk & Talk
National Advocacy in Promotion Adult Learning Policy in Ukraine

In 2018 started up advocacy activities for achieve change in adult learning policy in Ukraine. Advocacy activities initiated by two NGOs – League of Professional Women (LPW) and Institute of Professional Qualifications (IPQ) under the auspices Ukrainian side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform.
The League of Professional Women (LPW) took part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week: Community`s Experts Pitching, Best Practices of 2018 and Future Project Opportunities

Participators of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the League of Professional Woman had an opportunity to hear insider`s reports from various international conferences, forums and trainings, get acquainted with the experts and vendors of the Female Entrepreneurial and Intellectual Community by LPW, learn more about opportunities for the next year.
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