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Main pageNewsThe League of Professional Women (LPW) took part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week: Community`s Experts Pitching, Best Practices of 2018 and Future Project Opportunities

The League of Professional Women (LPW) took part in the Global Entrepreneurship Week: Community`s Experts Pitching, Best Practices of 2018 and Future Project Opportunities


Participators of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the League of Professional Woman (hereinafter LPW) had an opportunity to hear insider`s reports from various international conferences, forums and trainings, get acquainted with the experts and vendors of the Female Entrepreneurial and Intellectual Community by LPW (hereinafter the Community), learn more about opportunities for the next year.

The event "Women as Force for Positive Change: Experts Pitching & Insider`s Reports" within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2018, #GEWwomen) took place in "Staryi Rojal (Old Piano) cafe on November 15, 2018, in the Kyiv city center.

Svitlana Olifira, the LPW Board Member and Andriy Chuprikov, the LPW Advisor, business coach, founder of Chuprikov`s Consulting, spoke about their professional and personal competencies. From now on, the Community members (by agreement between the parties) have the opportunity to receive from experienced experts and vendors psychological training, individual consultations on the communication strategy and its implementation, as well as business coaching. A video of experts "pitching" is available in the online directory of vendors / experts of the Community and on the LPW Network YouTube channel by links:

The LPW Female Entrepreneurial and Intellectual Community Expert Svitlana Olifira (video)

The LPW Female Entrepreneurial and Intellectual Community Vendor Andriy Chuprikov (video)

Dr. Olena Lazorenko, the LPW President told about the Global Festival on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bonn (Germany) and the LPW`s impact to localization key tasks and indicators of the SDGs for Ukraine up to 2030; about the Global Business Congress in Istanbul (Turkey). She also showed the analytical report "What Should be the Adult Learning Policy in Ukraine?" that had been developed, presented in September and published in this November in Kyiv in Ukrainian. See link: http://lpw.org.ua/ua/adult_education/researches_on_AE/Adult_Learnng_2018/.


Adult learning, getting new knowledge, skills and competences is an essential component of the lifelong learning system and one of the priority areas of advocacy, analytical, educational, informational work of the LPW. It is so because it affects the competitiveness of the individual, ones chances for employment, protection of social rights and civil liberties. I believe that this study will become the basis for developing a national policy of adult education and learning in Ukraine with the participation of all interested parties, and can also be used during the legislative work of policy makers and public authorities in Ukraine - emphasized Olena Lazorenko.

Svitlana Olifira shared her knowledge on how to protect information on ones gadgets computers, tablets and smartphones and in social networks using security strategy, two-factor authentication and a strong password. That she had learned participating in the training on digital security in Yerevan (Armenia). Svitlanas participation became possible due to the LPW membership in a global alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society around the world CIVICUS.

EEN Ukraine Consortium Coordinator Olena Fesenko, who arrive to the meeting right after her plane had landed, talked about the European Union's programs on women's empowerment expansion.

The event ended with a discussion of the opportunities and the LPW plans in 2019, international ones 2019 GEC in Bahrein (15-18.04), Global Festival on SDGs in Bonn (2-4.05), ICSW 2019 in Belgrade (8 12.04), and national pilot project ICSW Local: Female Mentoring Walk & Talk in the framework The Power of Togetherness in March 2019 etc. For details, please, follow the announcements. The 2018 LPW Annual Meeting participants continued their networking with a glass of Beaujolais-Nouveau.

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