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On January 24, 2018 Ukrainian NGO "League of Professional Women" (LPW) has announced the start of the virtual Female Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community by LPW (hereinafter referred to as Community). The Community moderate by the leaders of LPW and currently languages of Communitys communication are Ukrainian and\or Russian.

More about its presentation in Kyiv you can read by link

Our Vision

Community is development of entrepreneurial skills of women in the spheres of economics, science, culture, civil society and education, and propose intellectual patronage for business in Ukraine.

Our Mission

We unite different people for the common goal of expanding the economic opportunities of women in Ukraine

Our Goal

To facilitate the formation of an ecosystem of support women's empowerment and intellectual activities in the country.

How can this work?

  1. For science, the development of entrepreneurial skills \ service is a form of academic entrepreneurship, for culture - creative entrepreneurship; for civil society - social entrepreneurship; for education is an innovative university. Similarly, in the work of the Community, traditional forms of business activity remain, seeking additional innovative and social tools for their development.
  2. Intellectual advising is a brief overview of relevant social, political, humanitarian concepts that have a significant impact on business or other spheres of life.

Forms of participation in the virtual Community

In the Community \ FB group WE there are four forms of participation:

1. Service Provider (Vendor) - may be LPW members\advisers (included in 2018 membership fees) and LPW donors\sponsors

Development of entrepreneurial skills / services will be in forms:

  1. FB\website post
  2. Vendors` Proposal for Customers
  3. Individual online Webinar \ Skype call, etc. or in-house consulting\coaching\training.

2. Expert (Intellectual advising) - may be LPW members\advisers and LPW donors\sponsors

Intellectual advising will be in forms:

  1. FB\website post
  2. Expert`s Proposal on Walk and Talk format ( Intellectual-Customer)
  3. Web chat \ Webinar \ Skype call

3. Customer are LPW member\adviser and all others who support Community activities (min. 300 UAH\per quartile as charity donation at LPW bank`s account)

4. Observer are LPW member\adviser and all others who support Community activities (min. 300 UAH\per quartile as charity donation at LPW bank`s account)
Options (2 & 3) - offered, organized, carried out by the Vendor\Exper of the Community themselves (and also receive a free of charge or do it for fee, as agreed between the Vendor- Customer and Intellectual-Customer). In the Community, moderators expect the proactive position of the participants.

Model of financing of the Community`s initiative

Crowdfunding project (co-financing of all participants in the communication platform - Facebook group WE: Women Entrepreneurship (WE)\Ƴ ϳ)

This is non-profit activities within the framework of the main activities of the LPW. LPW apply for support donors and sponsors (for grants for specific Community`s projects and general support of the Community activities). Volunteers\Pro Bono work are welcomed.

Conditions for participation in the Community

Annual contribution for the LPW Members\Advisers (included in the annual individual Membership Fee of 800 UAH / 1000 UAH per year for Ukrainian & 80 Euro\100 Euro for foreigner ) and quarterly payment for all other persons (300 UAH per quartile for UA\ 30 per quartile for foreigner). Individual determination of the level of corporate contributions of donors and sponsors of the Community.

How to joint to Community?

Forms of Application (in Ukrainian) is here

Paid LPW membership fee \ or charity donation via bank`s transfer

Community`s Leader - Olena Lazorenko lpw.network@gmail.com

Community`s co-founders are &

Community Communication channels
Vendor & Expert Forms Directory
Close Facebook group - Women Entrepreneurship (WE) / Ƴ ϳ
Web-site sub-page
Email community: communitylpw@gmail.com
Contact: Olena Lazorenko, LPW President email: lpw.network@gmail.com
Forms of Application (in Ukrainian) is here


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